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If you or someone you know is in the Houston area and are trying to sell a house that either has   not sold or that cannot be listed, you’re in luck because you can still sell your home! In fact, not only can you still sell your home, you can also sell your home quickly because 123soldfast is often able to complete closing in a matter of days!

we buy houston homes

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Our unique home buying services cater to a vast amount clients. We help clients who are interested in selling a house going through probate, selling inherited properties, selling a vacant house, selling a home that is behind on taxes, and who want to sell Houston house fast in need of expensive repairs they cannot afford.

One of the greatest benefits to doing business with 123soldfast is that we are not only interested in buying your house. We’re also interested in helping you anyway that we can, and this interest we have in customer satisfaction goes a long way when you consider all of the hassles that can be involved with moving. Moving doesn’t only require a lot of money. Moving also requires a lot of time and labor, and a lot of our clients simply don’t have the time and energy that is required to move. It’s easy to understand how a person could lack the funds to move from one location to another, but they’re aren’t a lot of home buying companies out there who are familiar with the physical limitations a lot of people have who want to move.

For example, consider a person without any family to help them who has financial problems, back problems, knee problems, or other physical restrictions that prevent them from being able to pack all of their belongings at one location to unpack them at their new location. Moving can be strenuous, and here at 123soldfast we offer each one of our clients the benefits of our Moving Assistance Program. This means we’ll pay for all the boxes, pack all of your belongings, load them into a moving truck along with all the furniture you’re going to take with you, and then we’ll unpack all of your stuff at your new location. All of the services we offer in our Moving Assistance Program are free of charge, and they’re are absolutely no hidden fees.

So, whenever you read a sign that says, “We buy houses Houston“, keep in mind that while they’re may be many reputable home buying companies in the Houston area that not all of these 7 Day Home Buying Companies are created equal. Not all companies who buy Houston houses go the extra mile for their consumers like we do, and we really pride ourselves in the multitude of ways that we have helped people over the years who felt trapped in distressed properties.


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