Sell A House In Bad Condition

Imagine this common scenario… A married couple in the process of divorcing owns a home that is in bad condition. The home they share needs lots of repairs that are too expensive for the couple to pay for. Besides, they have enough issues and financial problems on their plate to deal with trying to fix up a house they won’t be living in together.


Of course, their first thought was to find a good Realtor who could list their home in the MLS and find a good buyer. However, the Realtor told them that they weren’t able to list their home until a lot of repairs were made. This is a bad situation for the divorcing couple because they want to sell the house fast and move on with their lives.

sell my houston house fast

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The above scenario is only one type of situation that requires a house to be sold in bad condition. Houses that are sold as is in any condition are often in bad condition. So, just because your house is in bad condition and needs a lot of work doesn’t mean it cannot be sold. The key to selling a house fast for cash when it’s in poor condition is to understand that you need to sell the house differently.


We buy houses as is in any condition in the city of Houston Texas and its surrounding areas. We’ve also closed over 2,000 deals and we’re a recognized expert at purchasing distressed properties. All home buying companies are not created equal because they don’t make customer satisfaction their first priority.


There are many home buying companies in the area who are willing to buy any house as is in any condition, but what sets 123soldfast apart from these home buying companies is our commitment to reducing all of the hassles that can be involved with selling your home as is. Our hassle reduction services are tailored specifically for people who are in tight situations and are interested in reducing the time and energy that goes into moving.


We offer estate sale services, moving assistance services, and we offer document shredding services too. All of our hassle reductions services are free of charge! Our company understands the little things add up and make a big difference, so we help our clients in any possible way we can. Sometimes a home is considered to be in bad condition for different reasons than its need of repairs. Homeowners may consider their home to be in bad selling condition because it’s behind in property taxes. We are a home buying company approved by the Better Business Bureau, and we have also helped homeowners sell homes with property tax issues. You’d really be surprised in all of the ways we can help people sell houses for cash that normally wouldn’t sell because they couldn’t be listed!


The first step you need to take if you want to get a cash offer on your house fast is to fill out this form on our home page. Or, if you prefer, you can give us a call at 713-322-3861 and we’ll be happy to assist you in any way we can – even if it’s just to provide you with some information.

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