Things To Consider When Owning A Vacant Home

People who own an unoccupied property may decide to sell the home, not to sell the home, or you may be unsure of what to do with the property. However, the things you need to consider when you have an unoccupied property involve most of the same responsibilities whether you’re going to sell the unoccupied property or not, because the property is currently unoccupied. Unoccupied properties have a higher probability of being damaged, vandalized, or broken into, so before we get into this list, it’s important for you to be certain that these things listed below need to be done.

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Talk to as many of your neighbors as possible

One of the first things you should do when you have an unoccupied home is talk to your neighbors. Ask them to keep an eye on your home if you’re not able to do so on a regular basis. It’s also important to contact the neighborhood watch groups in the neighborhood, or talk to the homeowners association and ask them to help you monitor the property.

Get the mail & newspapers every day

An easy giveaway of an unoccupied home is a stack of newspapers in the driveway or a lot of mail in your mailbox. If you can’t get your mail and newspapers from the unoccupied property on a daily basis, then try to get your neighbor, friend, or relative to get them for you. Just make sure that the person who gets your mail is someone you can trust!

Mow the lawn every six weeks minimal

If the outside of your unoccupied home isn’t well maintained, it will eventually become obvious that no one is living there. Make sure that the grass is cut at least every six weeks, that the flowers are watered, and that any plants or bushes are trimmed. Maintaining the lawn of your unoccupied home will help deter criminals from trying to break into it.

Try to make the home look occupied

Just because no one is living in the home doesn’t mean that it needs to be empty. You may want to consider leaving some of your furniture behind in order to deter criminals from finding out that your home is vacant.

Continue to pay for the utilities

Keeping on the utilities in an unoccupied home is important. By keeping the utilities on, you are able to control the temperature of the property so that the pipes don’t freeze, and you’re enabled to control the lighting. It isn’t necessary to leave the lights on during the day, but after it gets dark it’s always a good idea to keep some lights on. It’s inexpensive to purchase lights with timers at the Home Depot so that the lights can be programmed to turn on and off whenever you want them to.

Do the work to secure the property

Securing the unoccupied home involves a lot more than just locking the front and back doors. Make sure that you also secure the windows and sliding glass doors. You should also deadbolt all of the locks and add chains to the doors. The more work you do to prevent criminals from gaining access to the unoccupied property, the more time you give your neighbors and the local police to notice any suspicious activity.

Finally, you should also purchase a security system and have it installed. There are a lot of companies who install security systems and monitor homes, and even though these companies charge money for their services, they are excellent tools that you can use to reduce the probability of a break­in.

Purchase a vacant insurance insurance policy

An unoccupied home has different insurance requirements than an occupied home, so a typical homeowners policy might give the insurer the right to lower the levels of coverage, cancel the insurance policy mid­term, or deny a claim. You need a policy specifically written for the risks of a vacant property, so make sure that you check your homeowners insurance policy to find out if your coverage will change if you’re no longer living in the property.

Are you unsure of what do to?

As mentioned at the beginning of this guide, different people want to do different things with an unoccupied home. So, whether or not you want to sell the property, or if you’re still undecided as to what to do, 123soldfast wants to help you make the best decision that’s right for you. For this reason, we wanted to provide you with some additional tips so that you can both have reasonable expectations and so that things go as smoothly as possible with you and your vacant home.

You’ll be away for more than 6 months

If you are unsure of what to do with your unoccupied property at the moment and know you might be away from it for a period of time exceeding 6 months, then you should rent it out to someone or find a Realtor® who does property management. Both Realtors® who do property management and Property Management Companies find renters for unoccupied properties. True, they do require a percentage of the monthly rent for their services, but paying their fees is worth it if you don’t have the time or the energy to manage the vacant home yourself.

You’ll be in the area for a long time

If you know you’ll be in the area of the unoccupied home for a long time, and you’re unsure of what to do, you need to ask yourself if the expenses that are involved with maintaining a vacant home are worth it. Carefully weigh your options of selling the property versus paying property taxes on a home you have no intention of living in.

The home has sentimental value to you

Sometimes a property is very sentimental to someone, whether it’s unoccupied or not. For example, the property may have been a part of your family for years, and because of the home’s sentimental value, you have no intention of selling it. If this situation describes you, and it’s very clear that you don’t want to sell the home, then make sure that you keep the home well maintained and in tip­top shape while it is unoccupied so that you don’t attract crime and vandalism.

Your far away from the vacant home and know you’re not coming back

There are other occasions when people are either about to move far away from the vacant home, or they are already living far away from the property during a time when they have inherited the home. If you know for certain that you will be away from the unoccupied property indefinitely, and you don’t foresee anyone living there in the future, then you should sell it.

Your away from the vacant home and almost sure you’re not coming back

If you’re away from the vacant home and you’re 51% unsure that you’re not coming back, you should begin taking the steps to sell the property so that you can avoid the risks of having the property broken into or upsetting your neighbors for attracting crime to the neighborhood or making the neighborhood look bad due to it having an unkept, unoccupied home.

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