Inspirational Story – Home Investor Helps Young Man Avoid Homelessness

Will Denker, the CEO of 123soldfast, was in the process of looking into acquiring a distressed property, but when he learned the story that was behind the distressed property, he was deeply moved with compassion and decided to offer a tremendous amount of assistance to the young man who had inherited it.

One of the biggest challenges adults have when they’re facing a crisis is that, “they’re adults.” Adults are expected to be independent people who possess the intellectual and material resources to take care of themselves. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case with adults who are mentally challenged.

I Inherited a house now what

The young man who inherited the property was simply too mentally challenged to handle this situation. He wasn’t prepared to handle life’s challenges when they came running at him a hundred miles an hour, and he also lacked the life experience most adults have that equip them to solve problems and bail themselves out of trouble.

James Dunlap was living with his parents and working at Starbucks before both of his parents passed away within the span of a few months. He also inherited the property after they passed away. Inheriting a property may sound like a good thing, but what if the person inheriting the home can’t pay the mortgage? What if the inherited house needs lots of repairs that the homeowner can’t afford to the point where a Realtor isn’t even able to list it?

Inherited houses can be stressful

Think about it, if a person is living with their parents and they die leaving their home to someone who cannot afford to keep, repair, or list it, the person who has inherited the house is in danger of being homeless if they don’t have anywhere else to go. Even sadder, they could end up in an even worse position than they were originally in before they inherited the house because inheriting the property caused them to inherit a lot of financial obligations they are not able to keep.

Sometimes a big problem has a multitude of smaller problems attached to it. So, as Will Denker from 123soldfast got to know more about James’s situation, he also learned that James inherited a car that needed new tires, an inspection, and it needed to be registered. Will took care of all these things for James because he knew how important it was for him to have transportation as he began a new life on his own. But James didn’t have his driver’s license yet, so Will also arranged for 123soldfast to help James get his driver’s license.

Estate sale and house repairs

As you can imagine, the house that James inherited was full of belongings that he wouldn’t be able to take with him into his new apartment that 123soldfast was in the process of helping him relocate to. James needed to put on an estate sale, but  James did not know how to put on an estate sale. So, 123soldfast put on an estate sale for James free of charge and gave him all of the proceeds afterwards.

As mentioned earlier, the inherited property needed lots of repairs – so many repairs that the house couldn’t be listed. Will Denker began chipping away at the repairs one repair at a time, until the house was ready to be listed so that it could be sold. One of the biggest problems that the house needed repaired was it’s disgusting swimming pool (it looked like the black hole). Anyway, after a lot of labor and toil, the house has finally been listed. Getting this house listed was huge, because now it won’t need to go into foreclosure.

Moving help and plans for college

After 123soldfast got the house repaired so that it could go on the market, it was time to help James begin the process of moving into his own apartment. Will hired a moving company to help James pack his belongings and move them to his new location, and Will paid the security deposit too.

But one of the most important ways Will Denker decided to help James Dunlap was to help him be mindful of his future. Will knew that the best way to help James was to help him be able to take care of himself, so Will sat down with James to find out what he wanted to do with his life and is now looking into some ways to finance James’s way through college.

It’s easy to look the other way when someone is in a bad situation, but think of the difference you can make in a person’s life when you do for them some of the little things that they are unable to do for themselves. The little ways we can help people add up and make a big difference!


Inspirational lessons from an inherited house

This true story demonstrates an important principle about helping people: A key to helping others is adapting the role we use to take care of ourself in a way that helps take care of someone else. By keeping this principle, we’re always in the position to help someone.

An Inherited house can be for better or for the worse, depending upon how many repairs the home needs or the amount of taxes owed on it. Thankfully, in this situation, the misfortunes that were associated with an inherited property were transformed into an opportunity to help a young man get on the right track so that he could be more equipped to handle life’s challenges.


We buy inherited houses as-is

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