Choose Your Houston House Buyer Carefully!

The city of Houston has many Houston house buying companies, and most of these home buying companies will buy your house in any condition. However, just because there are many cash buyers in the Houston area, this doesn’t mean that all home buying companies are created equal.

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We all buy houses as-is in any condition


The most basic reason why companies in Houston who will buy any house as-is in any condition are not created equal is because not all of these companies have the consumer’s best interest in mind. They simply are not interested in helping their consumers. Instead of making helping people their focal point, they build their entire business model upon acquiring properties. True, Houston house buyers need to place an emphasis upon the importance of acquiring properties. After all, acquiring houses is how they earn their livelihood.


Not all cash buyers have company core values


Furthermore, if a house buying company doesn’t have an ethical system of core values in place that their employees both believe in and enjoy believing in, then they are doing their community a disservice. Core values are especially important for house buying companies because most people who need to sell their homes are in difficult situations. They may not be able to get retail for their house because it’s in need of a lot of repairs; yet, they need to get as much money as possible to be able to move from one location to another.


Highballing prevents selling Houston house fast


But home sellers need to consider a lot more than just getting the highest offer on their house. Of course, a fair cash offer on your home should be made to every seller, but there are times when home buying companies make cash offers that seem too good to be true. The reason why these cash offers seem too good to be true is because sometimes they usually are. So, the question is, why would a 7 day home buying company make a cash offer that was unrealistic? Why would they offer the homeseller more money than the house was actually worth? The reason why this happens sometimes is because their primary objective is to get the homeseller under contract, but if the offer was too high there is a high probability that the house will never sell. If the house never sells, the home seller will never get any money for it!

Real Houston cash buyers close deals


When home sellers need to sell Houston house fast, they don’t have the time or the luxury of being able to wait for many months to pass by before they realize that their house still hasn’t closed. The reason why many high ball cash offers don’t work is simply because the numbers don’t translate into a close if the cash offer was so high that it was unrealistic to begin with. If the home buying company offered the home seller an offer that the seller couldn’t turn down and it doesn’t work out, the home buying company simply didn’t make a deal. The home seller, on the other hand, can be tremendously inconvenienced if things don’t work out when they’re trying to sell their house as-is in any condition.

A fair cash offer for your house means, “FAIR”

In the home buyer business, it’s very important for both the homebuyer and the home seller that a “fair” cash offer be made. The word, “fair” means that the offer is fair for both the homebuyer and the homeseller. If the offer isn’t fair, then one of two things can happen:

  1. The house will never close because no one will actually purchase it at the exaggerated price the home buying company offered and has under contract.
  2. The house will sell, but the homeseller doesn’t get all of the money that they could have gotten from the sale of their home because they were “lowballed”.

Houston house buyer reviews

Here at 123soldfast, we have a proven track record of satisfying clients. We’ve closed over 2,000 deals in the Houston area, and we go out of our way to make selling your Houston house as easy and as smooth as possible. This means that the cash offers 123soldfast makes are based upon the necessary statistics that create win/win situations for both home buyers and home sellers alike!

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