Giving Back

Community Appreciation and Giving Back

We believe in the power of community.  At 123 Sold Fast, we are dedicated to improving communities one home at a time.  Clients tell us we have transformed their lives.  Neighbors of the homes we have refurbished comment about how much they appreciate the positive change we have contributed to their community.

jason-storyWe also offer a helping hand to give back to people in need.  We do it for no other reason other than to acknowledge the rich blessings we experience as a company.  The “Abundance Mentality” of our core values show up in many ways.

Beyond the outcomes of our professional work to improve individual lives and homes, we extend a helping hand in a meaningful way.  We believe our service may have as much impact on us as it does on the people we serve.  In the end it is all about helping people and the rich experience of doing it together.

Read two recent stories about how we reached out to give back:

Wounded Warrior – Sentinel Program

It was October 2008 and  SGT Jason North was eleven months into his second tour in Iraq when his life changed in an instant.

Delta-Calvary scoutHe had served as a 19 Delta calvary scout for 8 years in the United States Army.  During his first tour (2004-2006) he served as the point man for the team conducting multiple raid missions.  With his leadership, the raid team achieved the highest detainee and conviction rate in the whole unit.

The Texas Sentinels Foundation

When we heard the “Sentinel Program” was donating a  house, with no mortgage, to Jason North and his family we had to become involved.  It was Thursday and we sent out a mass email to all the people we work with to rehab client homes.

That following weekend we were able to demo the entire house with the workers who stepped up to make a difference for this Wounded Warrior.  We removed all the sheetrock, electrical, bathtub, walls and cleaned the entire house to be ready for the rehab work.  We were humbled by the overwhelming support after we started the project and are so proud to know the house was donated to Jason and his family.

We maintain contact with the Sentinel Foundation and plan to help with the program in the future.  We want to help streamline the process of rehabs for an additional 20 houses.

christmas-familyChristmas  Family

Tragedy struck a family with five children on December 23, 2013.  Just two days before Christmas a father was faced with enormous grief after the death of his wife in a car accident and also the profound realization he now had to raise five kids on his own.

We helped Christmas 2014 become a bit happier by taking the whole family shopping (including the father).  Each member of the family got things they needed like shoes, socks, belts, underwear, shirts, jackets and whatever they needed.  The children were able to select a Christmas gift.  They did not select expensive gifts because they were uncomfortable with spending so much money.  We encouraged them to understand that today…for them…it was okay.  Perhaps our greatest Christmas gift was the experience of seeing the smiles and gratitude of this wonderful family.