We buy ALL types of homes; big, small, pretty, and everything in between, in ANY situation.

We will buy your home with cash.

  • When you list your house on the MLS most buyers don’t pay cash so you have to wait on bank approvals and if they don’t get approved the contract falls through and you are stuck waiting for another offer and you have to continue paying holding costs etc.

Since we use all cash we can go to closing very quickly so you can get your money RIGHT AWAY!

  • Many investors use hard money loans or bank loans which are sometimes subject to long approval periods etc. We can close quickly if that’s what you need, and you can even choose the day of closing that is most convenient to you.

We do not charge any commissions or fees, so you can get the MOST MONEY!

  • When you sell your home on the MLS you pay 6% commission and most buyers will ask you to contribute to their closing costs etc. which means you end up making LESS money.

We buy homes in “as-is” condition, meaning we don’t require you spend any money on repairs.

  • Realtors and retail buyers almost always ask you to make costly repairs to your home, even if it’s in great condition the average inspection report can reveal up to $1,000 in repairs!

All our closings take place at a Licensed Title company.

  • Some buyers will ask you to do a “kitchen table” closing so you don’t know what is really happening or there is no title insurance; there’s NONE of that here!

We use the standard Texas Real Estate Commission contract for all our purchases

  • Other companies may try to use homemade contracts so you can never be sure what you’re signing. With us you will ALWAYS know exactly what you’re signing and there will NEVER be any hidden fees etc. If you have any questions we are ALWAYS available to help explain ANYTHING you have questions on.

We strive to help every customer whether we buy your home or not. We can provide information on the market conditions of your area and many other valuable services, most are FREE! Below are just a few of the situations that we help home owners out with;

–   Inherited Properties
–   Estates
–   Behind on mortgage
–   Non-paying rentals
–   Probates
–   Foreclosure
–   Second Homes
–   Behind on taxes

Call or complete a submission form so you can tell us about your unique situation and we can see how we can help you TODAY!

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