Q: Who We Are…

A: We are a private investment company that buys houses in any condition. We buy from nice, to good, to downright ugly. We specialize in buying houses fast for cash. We get to work with a lot of people and help them get out of stressful situations. How can we help you? Just give us a call!!!!

Q: I don’t know what to do?

A: First it can be very stressful trying to sell a house at any time. Even more so if you are behind on payments or even in foreclosure. The first thing is to not beat yourself up. Life happens but at the end of the day it is about getting you in a place that you can afford and are comfortable in. Each situation is different but you are taking the first step in gathering information to make the best decision for you. We are here to help!! We don’t buy every house BUT we do HELP EVERY CLIENT!!!!Just give us a call to see how we can help you!!!!!

Q: How Does Your Process Work?

A: First we have to get a little bit of information from you to determine how we can best help you. Just simply fill out our online form with the address of the property you’re selling and your contact info, once we get the address we can start pulling up some basic information about the property and the area. We will then give you a call within 24hrs to discuss your particular situation and make you an offer.

Q: What if I need Money to move?

A: No problem, we can close on your house so you can get your money and we can even give you 30 days to move from the property after closing. We even have an assisted moving program where we actually do your move for you. Call now to see if you qualify!!!

Q: Do you charge a fee to make me an offer on my property?

A: NO! We do not charge any fees to view or make an offer on your house. We are here to help whether we buy your house or not.

Q: How do you determine your offer?

A: There are many things we consider to determine the offer on your property, such as the value (what properties are selling for in your area) and present condition of the property plus the extent of the repairs. We can start the process with just the address and a quick phone consultation. Just give us a call. We are happy to share all the information including property valuations.

Q: Will I have to make or pay for any repairs on the house before I sell it?

A: NO- We buy houses in there current condition. Even if it needs a lot of work or is in ugly condition. You do not have to do any repairs. We make it easy to sell your house and we take care of all the details.

Q: How long does it take to close on my property?

A: We can close within 2 weeks or less as long as there is clear title. First we sign a contract at the agreed price to start the process and we will take it from there. We will handle all the details to get to closing so you can get the cash you need.

Q: What if I’m behind on my payments or in foreclosure?

A: It’s not too late; you still have time to sell your home, up to the day before it is set for auction but time is of the essence. Call now before it is too late. You still have options. Let us help you out of an ugly situation.

Q: What if I owe back taxes?

A: No Problem! The delinquent taxes will come out of the proceeds at closing. You do not have to pay or have any out of pocket fees prior to closing.

Q: What if I have a bad tenant living at my property?

A: No Problem. We have bought many properties with tenants. We will take care of everything. Just call us with the details and we will take care of the rest

Q: What if I don’t live in the area anymore? Do I have to come back to close?

A: No, We can communicate via phone and/or email through out the whole process and when it comes time for the closing we can mail you the documents. That’s it, one call and we do it all!!

Q: What if I still owe on my mortgage?

A: As long as the numbers work it’s no problem. The title company will verify the payoff from the mortgage company and the payoff amount will come out of your proceeds at closing.

Q: What if I’m upside down on my mortgage?

A: Go ahead and contact us and we can discuss the specifics of your situation.

Q: What if I inherited a property and need to sell it?

A: Give us a call. We will handle all the paperwork to make a smooth closing. We can even secure the property for you and handle all the estate paperwork required to get to closing. One call does it all!!!

Q: What if I have outstanding liens and judgments’ against my property?

A: The title company will do a title search and if there are any liens or judgments against the property they will examine it further and verify it, if it does in fact belong to you or the property they will take the amount out of your proceeds.

Q: What if I already have a real estate agent, can you still buy my house?

A: Yes, Just give us a call so we can get the information and get started on an offer.

Q: If I close with you will I have to pay any realtor fees or commissions?

A: We are the direct buyer so do not charge or collect any real estate commissions.