Cash Offer For Your Home

Getting a cash offer for your home is really easy, but it isn’t easy to find a reputable  home buying company that cares about each and every client it buys a house from. Not only does 123soldfast care about its clients, we also have developed several free programs that make selling your house fast easy.

cash offer on house

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Making a cash offer on a house

The cash offers we offer our clients are not only fast, they are also fair. We buy houses for cash in the Houston area and have closed over 2,000 deals. This means we have a lot of experience with buying ugly houses as is in any condition, and we also have lots of satisfied customers.

Sometimes fast cash offers on houses are not able to close as quickly as others, but usually after we offer you cash for your house we are able to complete closing in a matter of days. When we complete this process for you, we make sure that all of the documentation is processed correctly and we use a reputable title company to transfer the title.

Cash offer real estate 

In other words, getting a fast and fair cash offer on your home is only part of the process that needs to take place when you sell your home fast for cash. You also need the transaction to go as smoothly as possible so that you are able to sell your house correctly. 123soldfast is a member of the Better Business Bureau, and we know all of the hassells that can be involved with selling your house.

For example, when you’re selling house as is for cash offer, you also may be in the process of moving. When people are moving from one location to another, they also need to put on an estate sale sometimes. You may even have lots of documents you need to shred because you aren’t going to take all that old paperwork with you to your new location. As you can imagine, not only are these things hassles that are involved with moving, they also have the potential to be expensive.

Cash offer vs conventional

Getting a fast cash offer on  your house also has perks that conventional home selling doesn’t include. 123soldfast offers free services to home sellers who are selling their house for cash that help them move from one location to another, put on an estate sale, and shred all the documents that they don’t want to keep when they move. Our Moving Assistance Program involves getting boxes for you, getting your stuff packed, and moving your belongings through the services of a professional moving company from one location to another. When we put on an estate sale for you, we’ll give you all of the proceeds afterwards! As for our Document Shredding Program, we also have our staff remove that hassle from your life too when you’re moving. All your unwanted documents will be shredded free of charge.

Obviously, 123soldfast isn’t just interested in buying your house fast for cash. We are also interested in helping you in any way we possibly can so that selling your home and moving goes as smoothly for you as possible. If you or someone  you know wants to sell their Houston house fast as is for cash, call 713-322-3861 and we’ll be happy to help.

We buy houses for cash as is in any condition!