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We May Not Buy Every House

…But We Help Every Client!

We are committed to making your life easier.  One of our strengths is the ability to listen carefully to you and meet your needs any way we can.  Bringing more than 12 years of experience serving home sellers, our focus is to remove as much stress and worry as possible.  We work together with our clients to determine the best solution.



Will Denker
When people meet Will for the first time, they are disarmed by his genuine interest in solving their real estate challenges.  The client  quickly moves from distress to trust as he taps into his vast knowledge about real estate to design a plan for moving.  When Will begins creating solutions customized specifically to their own needs the client experiences a shift into confidence.

Most of the clients at 123 Sold Fast show up without the experience needed to deal with a situation like they are experiencing now.  Once they talk to Will, the client instantly knows they can stop worrying.  He gets to solutions quickly and assures the client obstacles will be removed without any need to stress.

Over the years Will has learned everything he could about real estate.  However his secret is not in what he knows.  What makes his approach different is the intuitive way he combines knowledge with action for each individual client.  Every client can be assured 123 Sold Fast will take care of all the details.  It’s important to him, and the team he has assembled, to remove all stresses possible and simply serve the client.

Denker is a sought after speaker at investment clubs like Lifestyles Unlimited, Houston Association of Realtors, Quest IRA, The Wealth Club and the Rich Club in Houston.  So many people have asked Will to be their mentor, he has created a pro-active group of investors who attend regular boot camps to learn what he has to share.

hai tran

Hai loves to develop a new ways of reaching clients with the 123 Sold Fast process of doing business.  He is a  marketing expert who truly enjoys learning what matters to people.  He uses what he learns to reach out to them with information about the company and the solutions offered.

He started his first job as a teen still in high school.  He recognized the role of computers in business and learned everything he could about data management and online marketing.  His work let him to bring his knowledge to corporate computer systems at law firms, computer manufacturers and technology retailers.

He has always been a change agent looking for a better way to do things.  Hai claims to not even like computers much.  He prefers finding solutions for people using computers.  He was attracted to work at this company after watching the core values demonstrated by Will.

Tran has lived in the Houston area his entire life and now commits as much time as possible to his family.  He has been married to Judy for 8 years and has two children.


Johnny Groves

Johnny Groves became the marketing coordinator for 123soldfast in 2016. He was both impressed and deeply moved by the core values of 123soldfast and by the company’s sincere interest in helping people. His job duties include coordinating marketing campaigns for the company, PPC, SEO, social media, and content creation. After being diagnosed with a congenital spinal disease in 2006, he began to study internet marketing because he wanted to learn how to work from home in case he wouldn’t be able to work a normal job again as a result of him having nerve damage.

In 2009 he began to successfully create and market his own digital information products online, and in 2014 he began a digital marketing career in real estate as the Lead Marketer and SEO for an online real estate brokerage. His goal is to apply his previous digital marketing experience  to his current job at 123soldfast in order to help the company grow in any way that is digitally possible.

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